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Elucidation of Antioxidant Activity of Phosvitin Extracted from Egg Yolk using Ground Meat
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 Title & Authors
Elucidation of Antioxidant Activity of Phosvitin Extracted from Egg Yolk using Ground Meat
Jung, Samooel; Jo, Cheo-Run; Kang, Min-Gu; Ahn, Dong-Uk; Nam, Ki-Chang;
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Phosvitin was extracted from a chicken egg yolk and the iron-binding, along with antioxidative activity of the extracted phosvitin, was determined after mixing with ground beef at the concentrations of 100 and 500 mg/kg of meat. The electrophoretic pattern of the extracted phosvitin on SDS-PAGE was found to be identical to that of the standard phosvitin. The extracted phosvitin at /mL showed an ability to bind approximately 65% of the iron in a 3 mM iron solution. Lipid oxidation was inhibited in the ground beef mixed with 500 mg/kg of the extracted phosvitin, during storage at compared to that of the control (p<0.05). Additionally, color stability of ground beef containing the extracted phosvitin was enhanced (p<0.05). The pH, cooking loss, texture, and sensory properties of the ground beef were not affected, by adding up to 500 mg/kg of the extracted phosvitin. This result suggests that the phosvitin extracted from egg yolk could be used as an antioxidant reagent. In particular, phosvitin would be more amenable for use in meat products because it is a natural protein derived from animal products.
phosvitin;ground beef;antioxidant activity;iron binding;
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