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A Study of Establishment and Exploitation of Bio-markers for Determination of Shelf-life of Eggs and Egg Products
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 Title & Authors
A Study of Establishment and Exploitation of Bio-markers for Determination of Shelf-life of Eggs and Egg Products
An, Ji-Hui; Park, Jung-Min; Gu, Ja-Gyeong; Yoon, Su-Jin; Lee, Jeong-Soo; Kim, Jang-Mi; Kim, Sae-Hun; Kim, Ryong-Joo; Park, Jae-Woo; Song, Sung-Ok; Wee, Sung-Hwan; Kim, Jin-Man;
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The study was conducted to determine bio-markers and establish shelf-life for eggs and egg products. The selected biomarkers were measured storage period according to samples (two months for table eggs and two weeks for whole liquid eggs) and five storage temperatures (, , , and ). The bio-markers for table eggs determined pH, acid value, VBN (volatile basic nitrogen), HU (Haugh unit), aerobic plate counts, coliform group, and Salmonella sp. The bio-markers for whole liquid eggs excluded HU in the bio-markers of eggs. The shelf-life of table eggs observed as 42 d at , 27 d at , 9 d at , 2 d at , and 1 d at in sensory overall acceptability. The shelf-life of pasteurized whole liquid eggs observed as 7 d at , 3 d at , 2 d at , 1 d at , and less than one d at in total plate count. The shelf-life of non- pasteurized whole liquid eggs observed as 4 d at , 2 d at , 1 d at , and less than 1 d at and in total plate count.
shelf-life;eggs;egg products;exploitation of bio-markers;
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계란의 유통 중 품질예측을 위한 품질지표 선정,이혜옥;김지영;김병삼;

한국식품저장유통학회지, 2014. vol.21. 5, pp.609-617 crossref(new window)
계란의 저장·보관 조건에 따른 위생적 품질 변화,김종규;박정영;김중순;

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