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Effects of Dietary Sources Containing ω-3 Fatty Acids on the Fatty Acid Composition of Meats in Korean Native Chickens
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Dietary Sources Containing ω-3 Fatty Acids on the Fatty Acid Composition of Meats in Korean Native Chickens
Oh, Sung-Taek; Jhun, Heung-Kyu; Park, Jung-Min; Kim, Jin-Man; Kang, Chang-Won; An, Byoung-Ki;
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Estimations were made of oxidative susceptibility and fatty acid composition of edible meats of native chickens fed various dietary sources containing polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). A total of 240 Korean native chickens were divided into 4 groups, placed into 3 replicates per group, and were fed a commercial diet (Control) or one of the three experimental diets containing 10% perilla meal (PM group), 10% perilla meal-5% full fat flaxseed (PM+FS group), or 10% perilla meal-5% full fat flaxseed-1% fish oil (PM+FS+FO group) for 20 days. Final body weight, weight gain, feed intake, and feed conversion rate among the groups were not significantly different. Dietary treatments did not affect the relative weights of liver, abdominal fat, and breast muscle. The leg weight was increased from the feeding of PUFA sources. The TBA reactive substance in the edible meat was not different with the dietary treatments. The total PUFA in chickens that were fed diets containing PUFA sources increased compared to that of the control. The level of longer chain PUFAs, such as C20:5 and C22:6 in the PM+FS+FO group, was much higher than that of the others. The addition of local ingredients, such as perilla meal with conventional sources, could be used to obtain value-enhanced meat by enhancing PUFA.
perilla meal;flaxseed; polyunsaturated fatty acids;edible meat;Korean native chickens;
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사료 내 항생제 대체 첨가제를 이용한 육계의 사양관리,유재홍;박건희;성종승;송호남;신소영;정원호;허정민;

농업과학연구, 2014. vol.41. 4, pp.441-453 crossref(new window)
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