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Effect of Marbling Score on Carcass Grade Factors, Physico-chemical and Sensory Traits of M. Longissimus Dorsi in Hanwoo
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Marbling Score on Carcass Grade Factors, Physico-chemical and Sensory Traits of M. Longissimus Dorsi in Hanwoo
Lee, Jong-Moon; Choe, Ju-Hui; Jin, Hyune-Ju; Kim, Tae-Il; Park, Beom-Young; Hwang, Do-Yon; Koh, Kyung-Chul; Kim, Cheon-Jei; Hwang, Kyu-Seok;
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The objective of this research was to investigate the effect of marbling scores on carcass grade factors, physico-chemical and sensory traits of Hanwoo. Data used in this study were collected from 73,316 carcasses obtained at the Nonghyup Seoul slaughterhouse in 2009 and 271 cuts of M. longissimusdorsi were analyzed to estimate beef qualities. As the marbling scores increased, backfat thickness was linearly increased (p<0.05) in cows (9.51 mm-14.69 mm) and steers (8.71 mm-14.23 mm). As the marbling scores increased, maturity of cows was increased and meat color, texture and quality grade improved for all genders. With increase of the marbling scores, crude fat contents (3.07%-26.70%), water holding capacity (52.09%-58.66%), value (34.08-41.97) were significantly increased (p<0.05) and Warner-Bratzler shear force was linearly decreased (p<0.05) from 8.58 kg to 2.60 kg. The increase of crude fat contents had the similar interval with the increase of marbling scores from 1 to 6 but it is sharply increased from marbling score 7. There was no difference observed on (5.50-5.66), protein contents (19.57%-21.15%) among the marbling scores. Marbling score was significantly correlated with live weight (r
marbling scores;grade factors;physico-chemical traits;panel scores;Hanwoo;
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말고기의 육질 등급에 따른 부위별 일반성분, 이화학적 특성 및 지방산 성분 비교,정진형;선창완;황도연;권기문;이재청;김효선;김용준;이상근;류연철;

Journal of Animal Science and Technology, 2013. vol.55. 3, pp.211-217 crossref(new window)
한우 등심의 위치별 조지방 함량 및 근내지방도 비교,이철우;이한현;백준오;박준규;정사무엘;조철훈;

농업과학연구, 2015. vol.42. 1, pp.47-51 crossref(new window)
Characteristics of Wet Distillers Grains on In vitro Ruminal Fermentation and Its Effects on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Finishing Hanwoo Steers,;;;;;;;

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