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Effect of Packaging Methods on Colour, Lipid Quality and Microbial Growth of Beef Patties Enhanced with Flaxseed Flour
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Packaging Methods on Colour, Lipid Quality and Microbial Growth of Beef Patties Enhanced with Flaxseed Flour
Altuntas, Irem; Turhan, Sadettin;
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In this study, the effect of packaging methods [aerobic packaging (AP), vacuum packaging (VP) and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP: 75% , 25% )] on colour, lipid quality and microbial growth of beef patties enhanced with flaxseed flour was investigated during storage at for 10 d. L and a values of beef patties packaged in MAP and VP were higher (p<0.05) than that of the samples packaged in AP. Packaging in MAP and VP retarded the lipid oxidation (TBA value) and inhibited the bacterial growth of beef patties enhanced with flaxseed flour. Furthermore, TBA values in beef patties were correlated with a values (r
beef patties;packaging methods;colour;lipid quality;microbial growth;
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