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Meat Quality Traits of Longissimus dorsi Muscle from Carcasses of Hanwoo Steers at Different Yield Grades
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 Title & Authors
Meat Quality Traits of Longissimus dorsi Muscle from Carcasses of Hanwoo Steers at Different Yield Grades
Jung, Samooel; Nam, Ki Chang; Lee, Kyung Haeng; Kim, Jong Joo; Jo, Cheorun;
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The strategy for increasing the palatability of Hanwoo beef through fattening could lead to a decline in yield grade. The aim of this study was to examine the meat quality traits of Longissimus dorsi (LD) muscle from carcasses of Hanwoo steers at different yield grades. A total of 246 Hanwoo steers was divided into the following yield grades: A (n
beef yield grade;Hanwoo steers;meat quality;
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건조숙성에 따른 저등급 한우 채끝 등심의 품질 증진,이철우;이승호;민예진;이수기;조철훈;정사무엘;

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Comparison of Carcass and Sensory Traits and Free Amino Acid Contents among Quality Grades in Loin and Rump of Korean Cattle Steer,;;;;;;;

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