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Physicochemical Meat Quality and Fatty Acid Compositions of Striploin, Chuck Tender, Eye of Round Muscles from Holstein Steer Beef Slaughtered at Different Fattening Periods
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 Title & Authors
Physicochemical Meat Quality and Fatty Acid Compositions of Striploin, Chuck Tender, Eye of Round Muscles from Holstein Steer Beef Slaughtered at Different Fattening Periods
Cho, Soohyun; Seong, Pilnam; Kang, Geunho; Choi, Soonho; Kang, Sun Moon; Park, Kyung Mi; Kim, Youngchun; Kwon, Eungki; Park, Beom Young;
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This study was performed to investigate the physicochemical properties of striploin (m. longissimus dorsi), chuck tender (m. supraspinatus) and eye of round (m. semitendinosus) of Holstein steer beef produced from different fattening groups (18, 21, 24 mon-old). The intramuscular fat contents were significantly higher in striploin (9.14%) and eye of round (4.31%) from 24 mon-old groups when compared to the same cuts (6.53% and 2.63%) from 18 mon-old groups, respectively. Three muscles from 18 mon-old group had significantly higher moisture contents (%) than those from the other groups (p<0.05). The protein contents were significantly higher in chuck tender (19.39%) and eye of round (21.09%) from 24 mon-old group than 18- and 21 mon-old groups (p<0.05). There were not significantly different in collagen contents among three fattening groups. In meat color, striploin, chuck tender and eye of round from 21 mon-old group had significantly higher CIE (41.77), (20.98) and (10.87) values than those from the other groups (p<0.05). Warner-Bratzler shear force values (WBS) for three muscles were significantly lower in 24 mon-old group than the other groups (p<0.05). The oleic acids (C18:1n9) contents of three muscles from 24 mon-old group were highest (p<0.05) among three groups. Total contents of MUFA were significantly higher and total contents of PUFA including arachidonic acids (C20:4n6) were significantly lower in chuck tender and eye of round muscles from 24 mon-old group (p<0.05).
fattening period;Holstein steer;chemical composition;meat quality;fatty acids;
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식품영양 관련 전공 남녀 대학생의 육우고기에 대한 인식조사,주신윤;이경은;김현지;임경숙;이홍미;

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