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Quality Properties of Ginseng Chicken Porridge Prepared with Individually Gamma Irradiated Raw Materials
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 Title & Authors
Quality Properties of Ginseng Chicken Porridge Prepared with Individually Gamma Irradiated Raw Materials
Shin, Mee-Hye; Han, In-Jun; Lee, Ju-Woon;
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This study was to establish irradiation process for serving ginseng chicken porridge to immune-compromised patients. Raw chicken, glutinous rice, ginseng, garlic, dried jujube and carrot were used as raw materials for ginseng chicken porridge. The initial level of microorganisms contaminated in raw materials and their predominant species were determined. The level of microorganism detected in raw chicken and in ginseng were 3.4 Log CFU/g and 4.7 Log CFU/g, respectively. Major predominant microorganisms were Pseudomonas fragi in chicken, Enterobactor faecalis in carrot, and Bacillus subtilis in other materials. Chicken and carrot were excluded from irradiation treatment because ordinary thermal treatment can inactivate the microorganisms contaminated in those materials. Five kGy of gamma ray was the effective sterilizing dose required to inactivate B. subtilis in glutinous rice, garlic and jujube, and 10 kGy in ginseng. Ginseng chicken porridge was prepared with each of raw materials gamma-irradiated with the selected sterilizing doses. Control was ginseng chicken porridge prepared with non-irradiated materials. The growth of microorganisms was not observed in the chicken porridge prepared with irradiated raw materials. Sensory results showed that the score of flavor and off-flavor was slightly lower in ginseng chicken porridge prepared with irradiated raw materials than in control. This was considered to be due to the increase of TBARS values by gamma irradiation. However, there was no significant difference on overall acceptance between the porridge prepared with irradiated raw materials and control. The results showed that the individual gamma irradiation of raw materials can be applied to prepare ginseng chicken porridge as meals for the immunocompromised patients.
ginseng chicken porridge;gamma irradiation;immunocompromised patients;sterilized food;
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