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Quality Factors of Freshness and Palatability of Hanwoo from their Physicochemical and Sensorial Properties
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 Title & Authors
Quality Factors of Freshness and Palatability of Hanwoo from their Physicochemical and Sensorial Properties
Moon, Ji-Hye; Sung, Misun; Kim, Jong-Hun; Kim, Byeong Sam; Kim, Yoonsook;
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This study was conducted to investigate the relationship between quality factors and freshness or palatability of Hanwoo beef according to storage condition. The drip loss, cooking loss, volatile basic nitrogen (VBN), thiobarbituric acid reactive substance (TBARS), total viable counts (TVC) and sensorial characteristics of Hanwoo beef (raw and cooked) were investigated during storage for 36 d at 0 and . The drip loss, cooking loss, VBN, and TBARS were increased during storage period. The correlation between these factors and freshness was shown to be highly significant at both than . Especially, correlation of between the cooking loss and freshness of Hanwoo beef showed high significance (p<0.01) at higher storage temperature. The correlation coefficient between factors such as VBN, cooking loss, and TVC and palatability were decreased with increased storage temperature. As a statistical analysis result, a multiple regression equation of $Y_1
beef freshness;quality;total volatile basic nitrogen;
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