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Effects of Partial Substitutions of NaCl with KCl, CaSO4 and MgSO4 on the Quality and Sensorial Properties of Pork Patties
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Partial Substitutions of NaCl with KCl, CaSO4 and MgSO4 on the Quality and Sensorial Properties of Pork Patties
Davaatseren, Munkhtugs; Chun, Ji-Yeon; Cho, Hyung-Yong; Min, Sang-Gi; Choi, Mi-Jung;
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This study investigated the effects of NaCl replacers (KCl, , and ) on the quality and sensorial properties of pork patty. In the characteristics of spray-dried salt particles, KCl showed the largest particle size with low viscosity in solution. Meanwhile treatment resulted in the smallest particle size and the highest viscosity (p<0.05). In comparison of the qualities of pork patties manufactured by varying level of Na replacers, treatment exhibited low cooking loss comparing to control (p<0.05). Textural properties of KCl and treatments showed similar pattern, i.e., low level of the replacers caused harder and less adhesive texture than those of control (p<0.05), whereas the hardness of these products was not different with control when the replacers were added more than 1.0%. The addition of also manifested harder and less adhesive than control (p<0.05), but the textural properties of treatment was not affected by level of Ca-salt. Eventually, sensorial properties indicated that KCl and influenced negative effects on pork patties. In contrast, showed better sensorial properties in juiciness intensity, tenderness intensity as well as overall acceptability than control, reflecting that was an effective Na-replacer in meat product formulation.
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