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Development and Application of a Method for Rapid and Simultaneous Determination of Three β-agonists (Clenbuterol, Ractopamine, and Zilpaterol) using Liquid Chromatography-tandem Mass Spectrometry
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 Title & Authors
Development and Application of a Method for Rapid and Simultaneous Determination of Three β-agonists (Clenbuterol, Ractopamine, and Zilpaterol) using Liquid Chromatography-tandem Mass Spectrometry
Sung, In Kyung; Park, Seo Jung; Kang, Kyutae; Kim, Min Young; Cho, Seongbeom;
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-agonists are anabolic compounds that promote fat loss and muscle gain, and their administration to livestock may provide economic benefits by increasing growth rate and feed efficiency. For these reasons, -agonists are also commonly added to livestock feed as growth promoters. This can introduce a significant risk of secondary human poisoning through intake of contaminated meat. A new method for the simultaneous determination of three -agonists (clenbuterol, ractopamine, and zilpaterol) was developed in this study and applied to various meat samples. The limits of quantification, derived through a validation test following Codex guidelines, were for clenbuterol and zilpaterol, and for ractopamine. The average recoveries for clenbuterol, ractopamine, and zilpaterol ranged from 109.1% to 118.3%, 95.3% to 109.0%, and 94.1% to 120.0%, respectively. The recovery and coefficient of variation (CV) values fell within the acceptable range according to the Codex guidelines. This method reduced the analysis time without decreasing detection efficiency by modifying the pretreatment steps. This method could be utilized to manage the safety of imported meat products from countries where zilpaterol use is still permitted, thereby improving public health and preventing -agonist poisoning due to secondary contamination.
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