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Comparison of Conventional and Organic Cattle (Hanwoo) Farm System
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  • Journal title : Journal of Animal Environmental Science
  • Volume 20, Issue 4,  2014, pp.161-166
  • Publisher : Korean Association for Livestock Housing and Environment
  • DOI : 10.11109/JAES.2014.20.4.161
 Title & Authors
Comparison of Conventional and Organic Cattle (Hanwoo) Farm System
Cheon, Si-Nae; Lee, Jun-Yeob; Yang, Seung-Hak; Park, Kyu-Hyun; Jeon, Jung-Hwan;
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We conducted investigations of the information and welfare of cattle in Korea. The livestock housing of conventional cattle farms and organic cattle farms were open side wall type with winch curtain and used litter floor. The stocking density of conventional (ranging from to ) and organic cattle farms (ranging from to ) met the demand for conventional or organic standards, respectively. The galvanized plate and sunlight plate were used as the roof material in all of farms. Especially, additional areas were provided to produce forage or to improve animal welfare in organic cattle farms. Thus we believe that present data contribute to develop the animal welfare certification for cattle and to improve animal welfare in Korea.
Hanwoo;Conventional cattle farm;Organic cattle farm;Livestock housing;
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