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The Effects of Housing Design on the Feeding Behaviors of Group Housed Pregnant Sow with Electronic Sow Feeder
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  • Journal title : Journal of Animal Environmental Science
  • Volume 20, Issue 4,  2014, pp.167-172
  • Publisher : Korean Association for Livestock Housing and Environment
  • DOI : 10.11109/JAES.2014.20.4.167
 Title & Authors
The Effects of Housing Design on the Feeding Behaviors of Group Housed Pregnant Sow with Electronic Sow Feeder
Song, Jun-Ik; Kim, Ji-Hyang; Jeon, Jung-Hwan; Lee, Jun-Yeob;
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This study was conducted to evaluate the housing design on the feeding behaviors of group housed pregnant sows. A total of 65 sows (Landrace Yorkshire) were employed into 2 experimental sow housing with different housing design. Lying area of one of sow housing was designed with concrete fence to give the shelter for weak sows. The other was floor type without any obstacles. Group housed sows were fed using electronic sow feeder (ESF) during gestation. Daily feeding pattern of sows was automatically recorded in ESF feeder program. Most sows ate all feed during night. Daily visiting frequency to ESF of sows in pig pen with the shelter was significantly lowered than sows in floor type pen. This study showed that the housing design of group housed sow pen could fairly impact ESF utilization of sow.
Pregnant sow;Electronic sow feeder;Feeding behavior;
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