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A Comparison of the Implant Stability Among the Bone Density Groups: Prospective Study
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A Comparison of the Implant Stability Among the Bone Density Groups: Prospective Study
Ko, Sok-Min; Park, Seong-Jae; Lee, In-Kyung;
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The purpose of this study was to get a proper time when implant was loaded and superstructure was fabricated by tracing a change of the implant stability in bone type for 1 year. We carried out RFA(resonance frequency analysis) of 67 implants in 36 patients at the time of surgery, 2, 6, 10, 14weeks, and 1year postoperatively for each implant, and analyzed data for different bone density. The ISQ value at the time of 10 & 14weeks postoperatively were significant(P<0.01) in subjective grouping, while that were not significant in objective grouping(P>0.05). The change pattern of ISQ value could be expressed for 1 year in this study, ISQ value at surgery might be used to estimate the time of superstructure fabrication consequentially.
implant stability;bone density;Hounsfield unit;RFA(resonance frequency analysis);
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다중 검출 전산화단층촬영을 이용한 국내 일부 지역 성인의 골밀도 현황 분석: 식습관, 생활습관, 신체적, 사회적 특성과의 상관관계를 중심으로,이태희;김태형;소운영;임희겸;임청환;박명환;천명기;

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