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Implant overdenture treatment using several solitary attachment systems on mandibular edentulous patients
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 Title & Authors
Implant overdenture treatment using several solitary attachment systems on mandibular edentulous patients
Park, Mid-Eum; Shin, Soo-Yeon;
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Implant overdenture treatment using several solitary attachment systems on mandibular edentulous patients. Most patients with severe residual ridge resorption report significantly more problems adapting to their mandibular denture due to a lack of comfort, retention, stability and to the inability to chew and eat. Recent scientific studies carried out over the past decade have determined that the benefits of a mandibular implant overdenture are sufficient to get retention and stability. Therefore, overdenture with implants on the mandible and attachments are considered as a treatment of choice as a favorable treatment. In this cases, with consideration for jaw relation, level of bone loss, facial support and economic factor, edentulous patients with severe residual ridge resorption are rehabilitated by complete denture on maxilla and two-implants overdenture using several solitary attachment systems on mandible.
implant;mandibular edentulous;overdenture;attachment;
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