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Bone changes around the maxillary posterior teeth opposing the implants in mandible: a clinical study
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 Title & Authors
Bone changes around the maxillary posterior teeth opposing the implants in mandible: a clinical study
Park, Chan-Jin; Huh, Yoon-Hyuk; Cho, Lee-Ra;
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Purpose: When the edentulous area is restored by implant prostheses, the opposing hypofunctioned teeth will receive physiologic mechanical stimuli. This study evaluated the bone changes around the maxillary teeth opposing an implant restoration installed in the mandibular posterior area. Materials and Methods: Radiographs of the opposing teeth were taken at prostheses delivery (baseline), 3 and 6 months later. A customized film holding device was fabricated to standardize the projection geometry for the serial radiographs of the opposing teeth. The gray values of the region of interest of each digital image were compared according to time. Repeated measured analysis of variance was performed at the 95% significance level. Results: The gray values of the alveolar bone around the antagonist teeth of implants increased with time. The changes in gray values of the middle area were greater than those of the crestal area. However, the gray values of the mesial and distal areas were not different. The changes in gray values were different according to the unloaded time. Conclusion: A change in bone tissue will occur if a proper physiologic load is again applied to the bone tissues around a hypofunctioned tooth.
hypofunction;implant;bone remodeling;gray value;
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