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Prosthodontic problems and complications associated with osseointegration
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Prosthodontic problems and complications associated with osseointegration
Shin, Soo-Yeon;
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Edentulous patients with a severely resorbed mandible or maxilla often experience problems with conventional dentures, such as insufficient stability and retention, together with a decrease in chewing ability. Because of the good prognosis of dental implants, these patients can be successfully treated with implant-retained or implant-supported prosthesis. Ideally, a maximum number of implants of maximum length are placed in appropriate surgically prepared sites that are surrounded by a maximum amount of bone of favorable quality. The implants are favorably aligned faciolingually and mesiodistally to enhance optimal prosthodontic design. This article describes the clinical problems and complications encountered when treating a consecutive number of edentulous patients with osseointegrated implant-supported prostheses.
implant;osseointegration;prosthodontic complications;prosthodontic problems;
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