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The effect of improperly contoured and poor fitting restorations to patient with oral lichen planus: periodontal and prosthetic treatment
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 Title & Authors
The effect of improperly contoured and poor fitting restorations to patient with oral lichen planus: periodontal and prosthetic treatment
Shin, Jin-Beom; Cho, Jin-Hyun; Lee, Cheong-Hee;
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Oral lichen planus (OLP) is a common mucocutaneous disease, which presents as bilateral or multiple lesions. The several factors are implicated in etiology of OLP such as dental restorations, systemic disease, drugs and stress. Especially the influence of dental restorations and plaque control for OLP has been the interest in dentistry. This case is about OLP patient having poor contoured and ill-fitting metal ceramic restorations. The patient in this study has suffered from OLP for a long time, particularly after restoration of metal ceramic restorations on both posterior teeth of maxilla and mandible. This study reported that OLP lesion recovered effectively by improving the contour and fitness of restorations with plaque control.
oral lichen planus;dental restorations;oral hygiene;
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