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Changes in occlusal force depending on the movement of the adjacent and opposing teeth after loss of lower first molar: comparative study by using a strain gauge
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 Title & Authors
Changes in occlusal force depending on the movement of the adjacent and opposing teeth after loss of lower first molar: comparative study by using a strain gauge
Song, Myoung-Ja; Park, Ji-Man; Chun, Youn-Sic;
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Purpose: The aim of this study was to investigate the changes in occlusal force after loss of the lower first molar depending on the inclination and extrusion of the adjacent and opposing teeth by using a strain gauge. Materials and Methods: Anatomic teeth were used to reconstruct the normal dental arch with loss of the lower right first molar. A uniformly thick layer of silicone was applied to the root to mimic the periodontal ligament. Four stages of dies with varying degrees of inclination and extrusion of the adjacent and opposing teeth were constructed and attached to master model interchangeably by using a CAD/CAM fabricated customized die system. The strain gauges were attached to teeth and a universal testing machine was used to determine the changes in occlusal force. An independent t-test and one-way ANOVA were performed (${\alpha}
loss of lower molar;tilted adjacent tooth;occlusal force;strain gauge;
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