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Estimation of Real-Driving NOx Emission Characteristics from Light-Duty Diesel Vehicles with PEMS
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 Title & Authors
Estimation of Real-Driving NOx Emission Characteristics from Light-Duty Diesel Vehicles with PEMS
Park, Yeon Jae; Kwon, Sang Il; Park, Jun Hong; Lee, Jai Young;
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emissions from diesel vehicles have been regarded as a main cause of high concentration in metropolitan area. Recent studies have shown that the on-road emissions of diesel vehicles are quite higher than the emission limits specified with the pre-defined test method for emission certification. To reduce air pollutants effectively, the discrepancy of emissions in certification and real-driving conditions should be tackled. In this study, the real-driving emissions have been estimated with portable emission measurement system (PEMS). The results of this study have shown that the on-road emissions from diesel vehicles have been decreased as the introduction of stricter emission regulation, EURO-6, but additional reduction should be still required and robust technologies should be applied to control in real-driving conditions. RDE-LDV (Real Driving Emission - Light Duty Vehicles) test method being developed in the European Union can represent excessive on-road emissions of diesel vehicles as applied emission technologies and can be a solution to remove discrepant emissions between certification and Korean real-driving conditions. Among the reduction technologies for EURO-6 diesel vehicles, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system has shown the better performance than lean trap (LNT) system to control on-road emissions. Implementing RDE-LDV will require vehicle manufacturers to adopt the more effective reduction technology in real driving conditions.
Real-driving emission;;Diesel vehicle;PEMS (Portable Emission Measurement System);RDE-LDV (Real Driving Emission-Light Duty Vehicles);
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