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Seasonal Variation of the Concentrations of Pinic Acid and cis-Pinonic Acid in the Atmosphere over Seoul
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 Title & Authors
Seasonal Variation of the Concentrations of Pinic Acid and cis-Pinonic Acid in the Atmosphere over Seoul
Jeon, So Hyeon; Lee, Ji Yi; Jung, Chang Hoon; Kim, Yong Pyo;
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Pinic acid (PA) and cis-pinonic acid (CPA) in the atmospheric particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter of less than or equal to a nominal () were analyzed for the samples collected during the period of April 2010 to April 2011 at Jongro in Seoul. Both pinic acid and cis-pinonic acid showed higher seasonal average concentrations in summer (PA; , CPA; ) than winter (PA; , CPA; ). They displayed a seasonal pattern associated with temperature reflecting the influence on emissions of and from conifers and their photochemical reaction. These results were confirmed through Pearson correlation coefficient between CPA, PA and , temperature. CPA was only correlated with n-alkanes (, , ) from biogenic source. PA was correlated with n-alkanes (, , ), n-alkanoic acid (, , ) from biogenic source and n-alkanes (, , ), and n-alkanoic acid (, ) from anthropogenic source. These results showed that the formation of PA and CPA from and is related to organic compounds from biogenic source. And it is possible for PA to be effected by organic compounds from anthropogenic source.
Pinic acid;cis-Pinonic acid;Seasonal variation;Biogenic source;Seoul;
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