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The Immediate Effects of Foot-bath at Diverse Temperatures on the Stress of Students in the Department of Physical Therapy who Experience Clinical Practice
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 Title & Authors
The Immediate Effects of Foot-bath at Diverse Temperatures on the Stress of Students in the Department of Physical Therapy who Experience Clinical Practice
Shin, Han-Ki; Kang, Jong-Ho;
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PURPOSE: The purpose of the present study is to apply foot therapy at diverse temperatures to students in the Department of Physical Therapy who are experiencing clinical practice to find the most effective foot-bath temperatures for stress relief. METHODS: Sixty four students in the department of physical therapy who were undergoing the course on clinical practice participated in the present study. SDNN, TP, LF, and HF were measured to compare the control group, cold group, tepid group, and the hop group. The data were analyzed through analysis of covariance and paired t-tests. RESULTS: Although SDNN increased in the cold group and the tepid group, the differences were not statistically significant. TP and LF showed statistically significant increases in the cold group. In comparisons between the groups, the cold group showed statistically significant increases compared to the control group and the hot group. Although the tepid group also showed increases, the differences were not statistically significant. HF statistically decreased in the hot group. In comparisons between the groups, statistically significant differences appeared between the cold group and the hot group. CONCLUSION: Cold foot-bath was the most effective therapy on the stress of students in the department of physical therapy who were experiencing clinical practice. Tepid foot-bath had the same directivity but showed no statistically significant difference. Hot foot-bath was shown to rather increase stress.
Clinical practice;Foot-bath;Heart rate variability;Stress;
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