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Detecting the Prostate Boundary with Gabor Texture Features Average Shape Model of TRUS Prostate Image
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Detecting the Prostate Boundary with Gabor Texture Features Average Shape Model of TRUS Prostate Image
Kim, Hee Min; Hong, Seok Won; Seo, Yeong Geon; Kim, Sang Bok;
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Prostate images have been used in the diagnosis of prostate using TRUS images being relatively cheap. Ultrasound images are recorded with 3 dimension and one diagnostic exam is made with a number of the images. A doctor can see 2 dimensional images on the monitor sequentially and 3 dimensional ones to diagnose a disease. To display the images, 2-d images are used with raw 2-d ones, but 3-d images need to be segmented by the prostates and their backgrounds to be seen from different angles and with cut images of inner side. Especially on detecting the boundary, the ones in the middle of all images are easy to find the boundary but the base and apex of the images are hard to do it since there are lots of uncertain boundary. So, in this paper we propose the method that applies an average shape model and detects the boundary, and shows its superiority compared to the existing methods with experiments.
TRUS;Prostate;Prostate Boundary;Detecting the Prostate Boundary;
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TRUS 영상에서 질감 특징 예측과 경계 분포를 이용한 전립선 경계 분할,박순화;김호용;서영건;

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