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Design and realization of the passenger ship`s MSP service system using ASM2.0 : focusing on captain`s mandatory reporting items
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 Title & Authors
Design and realization of the passenger ship`s MSP service system using ASM2.0 : focusing on captain`s mandatory reporting items
Kim, Kilyong; Kim, Do-yeon; Lee, Seojeong;
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AIS-ASM is one of the studies to provide a variety of maritime safety information as well as the information on a ship`s position that is their own function, and AIS-ASM has been implemented with adjustment of the relevant regulations since 2004. However, it was reported that the increased use of ASM message on the existing AIS channel affects the part of the existing AIS own function such as the transmission of the ship`s position and safe-related information. Also, seamless MSP service is difficult to provide at a low transmission rate of the existing AIS channel. This study aims to reduce the marine officer`s workload through automating captain`s mandatory reporting items using the one of the next maritime digital communication technology (ASM2.0). For this purpose, we designed and realized the ASM2.0 protocol through analyzing domestic regulations about passenger flight and AIS-ASM message.
e-Navigation;AIS;ASM(Application Specific Message);VDES(VHF Data Exchange System);Passenger ship;
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