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The Phase Space Analysis of 3D Vector Fields
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 Title & Authors
The Phase Space Analysis of 3D Vector Fields
Jung, Il-Hong; Kim, Yong Soo;
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This paper presents a method to display the 3D vector fields by analyzing phase space. This method is based on the connections between ordinary differential equations and the topology of vector fields. The phase space analysis should be geometric interpolation of an autonomous system of equation in the form of the phase space. Every solution of it system of equations corresponds not to a curve in a space, but the motion of a point along the curve. This analysis is the basis of this paper. This new method is required to decompose the hexahedral cell into five or six tetrahedral cells for 3D vector fields. The critical points can be easily found by solving a simple linear system for each tetrahedron. The tangent curves can be integrated by finding the intersection points of an integral curve traced out by the general solution of each tetrahedron and plane containing a face of the tetrahedron.
Phase Space;Vector Fields;General Solution;Tangent Curve;
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