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High Resolution Rainfall Prediction Using Distributed Computing Technology
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 Title & Authors
High Resolution Rainfall Prediction Using Distributed Computing Technology
Yoon, JunWeon; Song, Ui-Sung;
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Distributed Computing attempts to harness a massive computing power using a great numbers of idle PCs resource distributed linked to the internet and processes a variety of applications parallel way such as bio, climate, cryptology, and astronomy. In this paper, we develop internet-distributed computing environment, so that we can analyze High Resolution Rainfall Prediction application in meteorological field. For analyze the rainfall forecast in Korea peninsula, we used QPM(Quantitative Precipitation Model) that is a mesoscale forecasting model. It needs to a lot of time to construct model which consisted of 27KM grid spacing, also the efficiency is degraded. On the other hand, based on this model it is easy to understand the distribution of rainfall calculated in accordance with the detailed topography of the area represented by a small terrain model reflecting the effects 3km radius of detail and terrain can improve the computational efficiency. The model is broken down into detailed area greater the required parallelism and increases the number of compute nodes that efficiency is increased linearly.. This model is distributed divided in two sub-grid distributed units of work to be done in the domain of is networked computing resources.
Internet-Distributed computing;Parallel Processing;Distributed Application;Climate Prediction;Computational Science;
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