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Smartphone racing game controller UX testing
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Smartphone racing game controller UX testing
Chung, Donghun;
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This study aims to evaluate smartphone gaming controllers. Diffusion of smartphone makes its users to play smartphone games in ease and comfort and its built-in sensors deliver new gaming experience to the users. Based on the concept how the controller system is important, the current research also implies the importance of customizing service which gives users a selection to deploy a controller. To explore the interaction effect of controllers and customizing on interactivity, flow, usability, attitude, and intention, the research constructs 3(gyroscope, wheel, and button controllers) by 2(default and customizing setting) experimental design and forty college students played Gameloft`s Asphalt 8: Airborne in a within subject design. The results showed that interaction effect and customizing main effect were not found, but controller main effect was statistically significant. Button controller is superior to those other two in more detail. It implies that it is still not useful to play new types of gaming controller, and a customizing service. It suggests that smartphone games should more focus on improving optimal user experience with built-in sensor controllers.
Controller;Racing Game;Smartphone;Usability Testing;UX;
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