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A new demosaicing method based on trilateral filter approach
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 Title & Authors
A new demosaicing method based on trilateral filter approach
Kim, Taekwon; Kim, Kiyun;
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In this paper, we propose a new color interpolation method based on trilateral filter approach, which not only preserve the high-frequency components(image edge) while interpolating the missing raw data of color image(bayer data pattern), but also immune to the image noise components and better preserve the detail of the low-frequency components. The method is the trilateral filter approach applying a gradient to the low frequency components of the image signal in order to preserve the high-frequency components and the detail of the low-frequency components through the measure of the freedom of similarity among adjacent pixels. And also we perform Gaussian smoothing to the interpolated image data in order to robust to the noise. In this paper, we compare the conventional demosaicing algorithm and the proposed algorithm using 10 test images in terms of hue MAD, saturation MAD and CPSNR for the objective evaluation, and verify the performance of the proposed algorithm.
Bayer Pattern Demosaicing;Color Filter Array;Bilateral Filter;Trilateral Filter;CPSNR;
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