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A Study on Trust Improvement of Packets Transmission using ZCN and N2N Authentication Technique
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Trust Improvement of Packets Transmission using ZCN and N2N Authentication Technique
Yang, Hwanseok;
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MANET has various vulnerability in wireless network and is more vulnerable in security because central management is not performed. In particular, routing attack may decrease performance of the overall network because the mobile node acts as a router. In this paper, we proposed authentication technique for improving the reliability of the network by increasing the integrity of the routing control packet and blocking effectively attacks that occur frequently in the inside. The proposed technique is consisted of two authentication methods of ZCN and N2N. ZCN authentication method is to elect CA nodes and monitor the role of the CA nodes. N2N authentication method is for an integrity check on the routing packets between nodes. Index key is determined by combining the hop count value to shared key table issued from CA in order to increase the robustness of the internal attack. Also, the overhead of key distribution was reduced by distributing a shared key to nodes certificated from CA. The excellent performance of the proposed method was confirmed through the comparison experiments.
Authentication Technique;Secure Routing;Trust Measurement;MANET;
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