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A Design of Inter-Working System between Secure Coding Tools and Web Shell Detection Tools for Secure Web Server Environments
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 Title & Authors
A Design of Inter-Working System between Secure Coding Tools and Web Shell Detection Tools for Secure Web Server Environments
Kim, Bumryong; Choi, Keunchang; Kim, Joonho; Suk, Sangkee;
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Recently, with the development of the ICT environment, the use of the software is growing rapidly. And the number of the web server software used with a variety of users is also growing. However, There are also various damage cases increased due to a software security vulnerability as software usage is increasing. Especially web shell hacking which abuses software vulnerabilities accounts for a very high percentage. These web server environment damage can induce primary damage such like homepage modification for malware spreading and secondary damage such like privacy. Source code weaknesses checking system is needed during software development stage and operation stage in real-time to prevent software vulnerabilities. Also the system which can detect and determine web shell from checked code in real time is needed. Therefore, in this paper, we propose the system improving security for web server by detecting web shell attacks which are invisible to existing detection method such as Firewall, IDS/IPS, Web Firewall, Anti-Virus, etc. while satisfying existing secure coding guidelines from development stage to operation stage.
Secure Coding;Web Shell;Web Server;Source Code;
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