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A Study on Data Gata Gateway for Indoor Location Detection and Its Upload
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A Study on Data Gata Gateway for Indoor Location Detection and Its Upload
Cho, Youngseok;
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Although the previous information technologies had been used for the quick and accurate processing of work, At present, however, as the combination with the Internet, the IOT(Internet-of-Things) era in which the diverse pieces of information are collected and handled through the sensor networks is in progress. Among these application fields of the IoT, the indoors position identification technology has been developing in the direction of providing the position information in the buildings of which the lengths and the interiors are complicated and in the direction of providing the various pieces of information and others of the like to the nearby customers. In this paper, we proposed an indoors position identification system that detects the patrol positions of the prison officers in the correctional facilities and in the prisons by using the ultrasonic waves, that transmits these to the control system and the data gateway, and that transmits the detected data. The Indoors Positioning identification System is organized with the tags for recognizing the positions that transmit the ultrasonic signal, ultrasonic receiver and data gateway. And the indoors position information data were transmitted to the management system through the data gateway. We evaluated the transmission error, by changing the distance of the proposed system for location recognition tag and the receiver, As a result, we found out that, when the transmission distance was 10 cm or less, the errors occurred in the form of the distortions. And when it was 110 cm or more, the transmission errors occurred due to the propagation diminutions of the ultrasonic wave signals. And when the transmission distance was from 10 cm to 100 cm, it was shown that the proposed system was possible without any errors.
IOT;Sensor Network;Indoors Position Identification System;Ultrasonic Waves;Gateway;
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