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VR User Interface using Multipurpose Visual Language System
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VR User Interface using Multipurpose Visual Language System
Kim, Youngjong;
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In this paper planed Virtual Reality user interface that recently hot issue using MVLS(Multipurpose Visual Language System). Proposed system is planed for more with ease approach new type environment system. The point of this system is for more few the number of time of act to get want to result. That is easy build for Virtual Reality environment system that user so far, who did not experience. Also too, application to the environment through Multipurpose Visual Language System based, can be required to increase the case of user of existing applications, not only a simple application infrastructure Virtual Reality. This has the advantage of being able to under Virtual Reality condition the environment for the use of a wide range of applications such as view TV, video and other contents. By using the proposed system, the experience in virtual realities that have not felt during the general public to be able to easily and quickly, virtual reality or 3D Expected to can one step closer to the needs of general and industry.
Virtual Reality;User Interface;HMD;3D;Multipurpose Visual Language System;
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