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Developing evaluation criteria for quality management systems adoption by using delphi technique
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 Title & Authors
Developing evaluation criteria for quality management systems adoption by using delphi technique
Choi, Jaewoong; Jun, Byoungho; Choi, Jaeyoung;
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The customer requirements are constantly changing in the hyper-competition and competition is becoming increasingly intensified. In order to ensure the competitive advantage in the industry should focus on the management activities to enhance customer satisfaction. High quality means pleasing customers, not just protecting them from annoyances. It is due to continuous and requires the establishment of a quality management system that meets the characteristics and systematization need to manage a stable quality and productivity, which should be done in a company-wide quality management activities. The purpose of this study is to identify a suitable organizational diagnostic model for considering to adopt ISO 9001 quality management systems. We used the three-round delphi techniques on a panel of 30 experts. A total of 26 assessment indicators were developed through this panel. First, it is important to evaluate the strategy about quality. Second, it is important to evaluate the systems about periodically communicating quality agenda. Third, it is important to evaluate the responsibility of overall business process. In conclusion, this study empirically shows how firms can develop an organizational diagnostic model to increase their quality management systems.
Quality Management Systems;Organizational Diagnosis;McKinsey 7S;Delphi Method;
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