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Anti-Oxidative Effect of Jeokbaekhaogwanjoong-tang Distillate on Spleen Cells of Aged Rats
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  • Journal title : The Korea Journal of Herbology
  • Volume 31, Issue 4,  2016, pp.35-41
  • Publisher : The Korea Association of Herbology
  • DOI : 10.6116/kjh.2016.31.4.35.
 Title & Authors
Anti-Oxidative Effect of Jeokbaekhaogwanjoong-tang Distillate on Spleen Cells of Aged Rats
Park, Young-Chun; Kim, Il-Gu; Kim, Tae-Min;
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Objective : The purpose of this study is to investigate the anti-oxidative effect of Jeokbaekhaogwanjoong-tang (JGT) distillate in spleen cells of aged rats.Methods : This experiment was performed using spleen cells of 10w, 52w, 72w old sprague dawley (SD) rats. The spleen cells of 10, 52, 72 weeks old rats were divided into three groups; DW group, Vit. C group, and JGT group. The cells of DW group were treated with distilled water. The cells of Vit.C group were treated with Vitamin C. And the cells of JGT group were treated with JGT distillate. After the treatment of DW, Vit.C, and JGT, the levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione (GSH), nitric oxide (NO) and lipid peroxidation (MDA) were measured.Results : In the spleen cells of 72 weeks old rats, SOD activity was significantly increased in the JGT group compared to those in the DW group and the Vit.C group. In the spleen cells of 52 weeks old rats, GSH activity was significantly increased in the JGT group compared to the Vit.C group, and NO concentration was significantly decreased in the JGT group compared to the DW group and the Vit.C group. MDA concentration was not changed significantly in any cell groups by the treatment of JGT distillate.Conclusions : Jeokbaekhaogwanjoong-tang (JGT) distillate may have an anti-oxidative effects in the spleen cells of aged rats. Further investigation is needed for the anti-aging effect of JGT.
Jeokbaekhaogwanjoong-tang(Chibaihewukuanzhong-tang);anti-oxidative effect;spleen cells;aged rats;
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