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A Methodology for Measuring and Assessing Construction Worker's Near-misses
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A Methodology for Measuring and Assessing Construction Worker's Near-misses
Lim, Tae-Kyung; Lee, Sang-Soo; Lee, Dong-Eun;
Near-misses which foretell danger signs for potential accidents provide valuable information for safety management on a job-site. Even thought a number of near-misses are caused by construction workers on a job-site everyday, it is difficult to use near-misses information to identify worker inherent risks and establish safety measures due to the absence of a clear definition and an evaluation method for the near-miss. This study aims to present a systematic methodology which effectively measures and analyzes near-misses occurred by a specific worker and provides a personalized safety guidance. This research was conducted as follows: firstly, the term of a near-miss was redefined by the literature survey and previous studies relative to quantifying the accident risk in the view of worker's behavior were investigated; secondly, a standard motion taxonomy for near-misses was developed to facilitate monitoring the type and time of occurrence of the near-miss accident and near-miss weights along to the standard behaviors were obtained by survey analysis and then a mathematical model to calculate the near-misses index (NMI) was developed; finally, a case study was performed to evaluate the practicality of the proposed assessment model for near-misses of construction worker.
Safety management;Near-miss;Quantification;Motion study;Steel construction;
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