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Evaluation of Site Measurement Method for Traditional Wooden Buildings based on the Rigid Diaphragm Assumption
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of Site Measurement Method for Traditional Wooden Buildings based on the Rigid Diaphragm Assumption
Ko, Young-Nam; Kim, Hong-Jin; Hwang, Jae-Seung; Hwang, Jong-Kuk; Choi, Sun-Young; Cho, Bong-Ho;
In order to retrofit the seismic and wind performance of the traditional wooden buildings, it is essential to evaluate the structural performance of them. However, limited researches on the evaluation of the dynamic characteristics and structural performance based on in-situ vibration measurement have been performed, and the systematic in-situ vibration measurement method is not established for traditional wooden buildings unlike the those for RC and steel buildings. In this paper, an in-situ measuring method is introduced for traditional wooden buildings based on the assumption that the rigid diaphragm action is applicable since roof and rafter restraints the rotation of columns similar to slabs in RC and steel buildings. The proposed method is applied to the dynamic characteristics identification of a small traditional wooden building and its applicability is evaluated. Finally, the method is also applied to the in-situ vibration measurement of eight traditional wooden buildings which are designated as national treasures.
Wooden buildings;in-situ measurement;dynamic characteristics;ambient vibration;mode shapes;
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