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The Properties of Extruding Panel using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Calcium-Aluminate Based Mixture
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 Title & Authors
The Properties of Extruding Panel using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Calcium-Aluminate Based Mixture
Choi, Duck-Jin; Kim, Jin-Man; Choi, Se-Jin;
Due to the development of steel industry, more than 12 million tons of ground granulated blast-furnace slag(GG) have produced every year. On the other hand, the amount of GG got used has been discreasing gradually due to the construction market diminished. So it is needed to develop some various usage for GG including increasing the amount of GG in concrete and concrete products. Even if the extruded panel mainly used for the external drywall having superior performance to being needed, it has not been widely utilized in the drywall market for an interior material, due to its low economic advantage. This study have checked the engineering characteristics of various extruded panels, depending on the different amounts of blast furnace slag(GG), CA binder and hemihydrate gypsum(HG), and finally determined the optimum mixture ratio of an environmentally friendly non-OPC extruded panel, with high economic and environmental feasibility. The experimental results of this study confirmed that the amount of CA could replace up to at least 10wt% of the total binder in the non-OPC extruded panel with GG in the comprehensive consideration of its strength and moldability. Then, the optimum blending ratio of alpha-hemihydrate gypsum(HG) was 20wt% of CA.
Non-OPC extruding panel;Calcium-aluminated composite;GGBS;-type calcium sulfate;
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