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Development of An Approximate Estimate System for Exterior Finishing Works of Super High-rise Buildings
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 Title & Authors
Development of An Approximate Estimate System for Exterior Finishing Works of Super High-rise Buildings
Yeom, Dong-Jun; Kim, Young-Suk;
The demand of super high-rise building construction projects has recently been increasing in Korea and overseas. Estimating the budget for such projects is much more difficult than that for typical high-rise buildings. Super high-rise building construction projects generally involve more complicated structure for each floor and more various design conditions for interior and exterior finishes given a facility composition ratio. Consequently, it encompasses numerous design condition changes from the initial design development phase. This results in the difficulty in the prediction of appropriate construction budget due to frequent changes of design conditions and customer demands. The purpose of this research is to suggest an approximate estimation process and system that assists the construction engineers in decision making on-site, focusing on the exterior finish work that accounts for fifteen percent of the overall construction cost of super high-rise buildings. It is expected that the proposed approximate estimation process and system contributes to the decision making of the construction engineers by examining and comparing the appropriateness of the construction costs for each proposed design alternative as well as making it easier the estimation of the increase of decrease in the construction cost (cost over-runs) due to the changes of customer demands and design conditions from the initial design phase. Additionally, the finding of this study, i.e. the proposed approximate estimation system for the cost of exterior finish work of super high-rise buildings, is hoped to enhance the understanding of the details of the estimation process and provide more reliable estimation results faster than the traditional method.
Super High-rise Buildings;Approximate Estimate;Exterior Finish;System;
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