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The Development of Impact Force Model of Large Commercial Aircraft Considering the Fuel Mass Effect
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 Title & Authors
The Development of Impact Force Model of Large Commercial Aircraft Considering the Fuel Mass Effect
Lee, Kyoung-Soo; Huque, Ziau; Jeon, Doo-Jin; Han, Sang-Eul;
In this paper, the aircraft impact force models of large commercial B747 aircraft were developed by using so called Missile-Target Interaction Method. The Lagrangian meshfree SPH concept was adopted to the fuel mass for impact force calculation. 240ton, 320ton, 420ton of aircraft mass were considered to meet with the previously proposed aircraft impact force model by OECE/NEA(2002) and Arros & Doumbalski(2007). The model of present studies are based on the model of OECE/NEA originally, and extended to the model of Arros & Doumbalski. To calculate and evaluate the aircraft impact force, the impact analyses were simulated by using commercial Hydrocde AUTODYN considering the fuel mass effect. The resultant reaction force of symmetric rigid wall is considered as the impact force of aircraft. The preparation of refined FE mesh and impact simulation were done by using AUTODYN. The aircraft and fuel debris and secondary trajectory effects were considered by the eroding effect on the FE shell element and the explicitly modeled fuel mass. To evaluate and verify the impact force of aircraft, the Riera approach were used for the reference impact time history graph. The rigid wall impact test shows that the finite element model of a B747 which considering the explicit fuel mass effect is good agreement with reference values and the applicability of fuel modelling approaches of this study.
Aircraft impact;Missile target interaction analysis;Large commercial aircraft;Fuel effect;Sph;Riera model;
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