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A Root Cause Analysis of Problems in the Use of Environmental Information for Construction Projects: Focusing on Environmental Laws and Regulations
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 Title & Authors
A Root Cause Analysis of Problems in the Use of Environmental Information for Construction Projects: Focusing on Environmental Laws and Regulations
Kim, Da-Woom; Woo, Sang-June; Lee, Jae-Wook; Kim, Han-Soo;
The collection and analysis of environmental information, such as environmental laws, regulations, and certification criteria, has become a very important task for construction projects. However, in the current practice, many problems have caused due to massive amounts of information, low information accessibility, and insufficient definition of business processes. Therefore, this study aims to figure out problems in the use of environmental information for the design phase and construction phase of construction projects based on a business process analysis. The result of the study is expected to be used as a basis for improving environment-related business processes of construction projects.
Construction Project Management;Information Management;Environmental Information;Business Process;
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