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Damage Detection of Beam Member Based on POM Curvature Extracted from Measured FRF Data
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 Title & Authors
Damage Detection of Beam Member Based on POM Curvature Extracted from Measured FRF Data
Eun, Hee-Chang;
This work presents an analytical method for detecting damage of flexural beam member without the baseline data at intact state. Utilizing FRF (frequency response function) data collected in the neighborhood of the resonance frequency, the POV (proper orthogonal value) and the corresponding POM (proper orthogonal mode) are extracted to use as a damage detection index. It is observed from the POM curvature curve that the damage coincides with the location to represent the abrupt change of the curve. The validity of the proposed method is illustrated in a numerical experiment. The sensitivity of the proposed method depending on the measurement data contaminated by the external noise, the resonance frequency region to collect the FRF data and the selected POV is investigated in a numerical experiment.
Proper Orthogonal Mode;Damage Dedection;Curvature;Baseline data;Frequency Response Function;
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