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Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of Plates and Shells with Reissner-Mindlin Isogeometric Degenerated Shell Element
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 Title & Authors
Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of Plates and Shells with Reissner-Mindlin Isogeometric Degenerated Shell Element
Park, Kyoung-Sub; Lee, Sang-Jin;
In this study, geometrically nonlinear analysis of plate and shell structures is carried out by using a degenerated shell element. The present shell element is formulated by using the isogeometric concept. Reissner-Mindlin assumption is adopted in the element formulation where total Lagrange formulation is used. In particular, the positions of control points is consistently used to create the normal vector for the mapping between control points and associated points on real surface. The arc-length method is employed to handle the snap-through behaviour of shells. Several benchmark tests are tackled to verify the performance of the present shell element. From numerical tests, the present shell element can remove locking phenomena with the only use of refinement technique and it performs satisfactorily for both thin and thick plate and shell structures under geometrically nonlinear situations.
Isogeometric analysis;Degenerated shell;Geometrically nonlinear;Refinement;Reissner-Mindlin;
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