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The Dynamic Buckling and Critical Load of the Spatial Truss under the Beating-wave Load
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 Title & Authors
The Dynamic Buckling and Critical Load of the Spatial Truss under the Beating-wave Load
Ha, Jun-Hong; Shon, Su-Deok; Lee, Seung-Jae;
In this study, the dynamic unstable phenomenon and critical load variation of the spatial truss under the beating-wave load were researched. For this purpose, a non-linear governing equation of a shallow spatial truss was derived. In addition, a dynamic analysis and a characteristic analysis of the buckling phenomenon were conducted using the numerical method. The analysis model was selected considering the number of free nodes and the rise-span ratio, and the response to the periodic parameter that determines the period of the beating function was analyzed. To compare the results, a analysis for the step load and sinusoidal-wave load were also conducted. Resonance was observed in the analysis results for both the sinusoidal-wave load and the beating-wave load. The patterns of critical load level were similar in the area lower than the natural frequency, but they were different in the area above it. Furthermore, the critical level of the beating-wave load changed more sensitively than the sinusoidal-wave load did and was much lower than the step load.
Spatial truss;Critical load level;Dynamic buckling;Beating-wave load;Resonance phenomenon;
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