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An Experiment for Estimating the Cooling Capacity of the Radiant Ceiling Panel System
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 Title & Authors
An Experiment for Estimating the Cooling Capacity of the Radiant Ceiling Panel System
Park, Sang-Hoon; Kim, Dong-Woo; Yeo, Myoung-Souk; Kim, Kwang-Woo;
The radiant ceiling panel system (RCPS) is a light-weight type of radiant heating and cooling system which uses a ceiling as a radiant surface. To obtain improved thermal comfort and maintain the room temperature comfortably, it is important to estimating the cooling capacity of the RCPS. The purpose of this study is to presents an experimental methodology to estimate the cooling performance of the RCPS. This paper also presents an estimation result of the cooling capacity of the RCPS using the experimental methodology. The previous standards about method for estimating cooling capacity of the RCPS are analyzed. The experimental methodology is evaluated based on the concept of the cooling capacity and its boundary condition during the experiment. The experimental methodology is set as a Test Cell while applying the experimental method. A test cell composed of the heat source, the distribution system. Using the test cell, the thermal performance of a radiant ceiling panel system is estimated. The experimental results are validated numerically in order to verify the accuracy. The test result shows the nominal capacity of the RCPS.
Radiant Ceiling Panel System;Cooling Capacity;Experimental method;Test Cell;
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