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A Study on the Analysis of the Curved Surface Characteristics by the Forms for Irregular-Shaped Tall Buildings
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Analysis of the Curved Surface Characteristics by the Forms for Irregular-Shaped Tall Buildings
Park, Sang-Min;
In recent, tall buildings of various shapes which couldn't be seen in the past are proposed in the new cities of Asia and the Middle East. It means that the existing tall buildings competition was deviated from building height to irregular shaped form. The recent tall buildings develop to a direction which focuses formativeness and differentiation. Therefore, liberal shapes which were considered to be technically impossible and even excluded from discussion in the past such as the creation of complicate 3D shapes and the modeling of curve and curved surface are showing their appearances. In addition, due to the development of structure and construction technology, the types of irregular shaped tall buildings become more various. On the other hand, as a result of focusing on the creating unique shapes, the structural and constructive factors of the tall buildings are ignored. In this case, there is big possibility that businesses themselves are not implemented. Without reasonable and systematic understands or approaches, the irregular shaped tall buildings can't be realized. Accordingly, this study is going to analyze specially the morphological characteristics of the irregular shaped tall buildings in the stage of completion or construction. Also, it is going to analyse the curved surface characteristic of the irregular shaped tall buildings by reasonable approach. It tried to supplement the limitations of the morphological classification of the existing irregular shaped tall buildings and assort the curved surface applicable to the irregular shaped tall buildings.
Tall Building;Irregular Shaped;Curved Surface Characteristics;by the Forms;
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