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A Study on the Visitors Cognition and Behavior in Exhibition Space - Focusing on the Visitors Pathway and behavior by the layout of exhibits -
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Visitors Cognition and Behavior in Exhibition Space - Focusing on the Visitors Pathway and behavior by the layout of exhibits -
Jung, Su-Young; Yoon, Sung-Kyu;
People come to museum to have a look at the exhibition. The pathway they take while viewing the exhibition is linked to the spatial structure of the museum. In particular, the pathway in the exhibition space is influenced by the layout of the exhibits. People tend to choose their pathway naturally according to their purpose and their conditions of museum-fatigue without having to plan it prior to it. And it's at this moment, that active and passive pathway is noticed. The distance of the pathway is determined by the structure of the exhibition room. The study was done on the layout of the exhibits. It showed that people chose their pathways depending on the location of the exits. When the exit was far away, people became tired quickly by the length of the exhibition room even for the active visitors. On the other hand, when the exits were nearby, it provided more opportunity to show the exhibits for the passive visitors. As the study was done in understanding the specific needs of the layout of the exhibits, it will provide more pleasant and effective view of the exhibition and the planning of the exhibits to the visitors.
Environmental Psychology;Visitors Behavior;Cognition;Visitors Pathway;
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