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A Study on the Characteristics of Community Expressed on Golden Lane Housing Project by Alison & Peter Smithson
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Characteristics of Community Expressed on Golden Lane Housing Project by Alison & Peter Smithson
Moon, Ji-Sun; Kim, Kyoung-Yon; Jun, Byung-Kweon;
When the world entered the industrial age, new modern residential models were attempted to prevent dense rundown residential areas in cities from turning into slum areas. An excessive emphasis on sanitation and mass production resulted in creating a residential environment replete with 'psychological slum', lacking history and culture. To do that, This study focuses on Alison and Peter Smithson's design proposal for the Golden Lane Housing project, which was presented at the Golden Lane Housing Competition held in London. As their proposal served as an important turning point in modern architecture, this study analyzed the characteristics of architecture and communities realized in the proposal of Golden Lane Housing project, which reflected the Smithsons' architectural philosophy. This study reviewed the history of England's housing and analyzed the characteristics of community space, which was realized in Golden Lane Housing project. It also analyzed the architectural features of Golden Lane according to the Smithsons' architectural vision. It also attempted to derive the characteristics of community which were realized by the Golden Lane housing project through an architectural analysis. this study analyzed the formational system of community, which was envisioned by the Smithsons. The findings of this study will serve as valuable data in resolving problems of Korea's housing. They will also provide a clue for realizing housing from a modern perspective in a more concrete, broad way.
Golden Lane;Smithsons;Housing;Community;street in the air;
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