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Substructuring and Decoupling of Discrete Systems from Continuous System
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  • Journal title : Architectural research
  • Volume 14, Issue 1,  2012, pp.27-33
  • Publisher : Architectural Institute of Korea
  • DOI : 10.5659/AIKAR.2012.14.1.27
 Title & Authors
Substructuring and Decoupling of Discrete Systems from Continuous System
Eun, Hee-Chang; Koo, Jae-Oh;
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This study proposes analytical methods to establish the eigenfunction of continuous system due to substructuring and decoupling of discrete subsystems. The dynamic characteristics of updated continuous system are evaluated by the constraint effect of consistent deformation at the interfaces between two systems. Beginning with the dynamic equation for constrained discrete system, this work estimates the modal eigenmode function for the continuous system due to the addition or deletion of discrete systems. Numerical applications illustrate the validity and applicability of the proposed method.
Decoupling;Substructuring;Continuous System;Constraint;Eigenfunction;
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