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A Study on the Development of App Ecosystem based Smart Home
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  • Journal title : Architectural research
  • Volume 18, Issue 1,  2016, pp.13-20
  • Publisher : Architectural Institute of Korea
  • DOI : 10.5659/AIKAR.2016.18.1.13
 Title & Authors
A Study on the Development of App Ecosystem based Smart Home
Moon, Junsik; Park, Chan Young;
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Smart Home has achieved remarkable developments over the past few decades. In the ICT(Information and Communications Technology) field, `app ecosystem`-a collection of multiple devices such as mobile phones and tablets, software (operating system and development tools), companies (manufacturers, carriers, app-stores, etc.) and the process through which data is transferred/shared by a user from one device to another device or by the device itself-has come into wide use since the advent of the smart phone. Due to the synergy effect of the `app ecosystem`, it has been applied to various fields such as televisions and automobile industries. As a result, both the Smart TV and connected vehicle have developed their own ecosystem. Although much research has been conducted on these two ecosystems, there is a lack of research regarding `App Ecosystem based Smart Home` (AESH). This research focuses on the building scenarios based on `Tracking, Analyzing, Imaging, Deciding, and Acting (T.A.I.D.A), a future prediction method process. Rather than taking an approach from the perspective of providing and applying advanced technology for research on building future scenarios, this paper focuses on research from the perspective of architectural planning. As a result, two future scenarios of AESH are suggested.
Smart Home;App Ecosystem;App Market;Scenario;Home Automation;
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