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Approximate Synthesis of 5-SS Multi Link Suspension System
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Approximate Synthesis of 5-SS Multi Link Suspension System
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Dimensional Synthesis, which is apart of kinematic synthesis, is to determine the dimensions of a mechanism of preconceived typer for a specified task and prescribed performance. In this paper, in an effort to provide designers with flexibility, a dimensional approximate synthesis method is presented for utilizing prescribed tolerance both the displacement and joint positions of a mechanism to be synthesized. For this, a constrained optimization problem is formulated with displacement parameters and joint positions as variables. The proposed method is applied to the synthesis of a 5-SS multi link suspension mechanism. The method discussed here, however, can be easily applied to any mechanism of which the kinematic constraint equations can be derived.ᘀ倹ࢗ⨀䠹ࢗ⨀刹ࢗ⨀恅ࢗ⨀ᘀ耹ࢗ⨀砹ࢗ⨀船ࢗ⨀硅ࢗ⨀ᘀ뀹ࢗ⨀꠹ࢗ⨀눹ࢗ⨀遅ࢗ⨀ᘀࢗ⨀�ࢗ⨀ࢗ⨀ꡅࢗ⨀ᘀ်ࢗ⨀࠺ࢗ⨀ሺࢗ⨀쁅ࢗ⨀ᘀ䀺ࢗ⨀㠺ࢗ⨀䈺ࢗ⨀ࢗ⨀܀瀺ࢗ⨀栺ࢗ⨀爺ࢗ⨀ࢗ⨀ᘀꀺࢗ⨀頺ࢗ⨀ꈺࢗ⨀塆ࢗ⨀ᘀ퀺ࢗ⨀젺ࢗ⨀툺ࢗ⨀ꁄࢗ⨀ᘀ;ࢗ⨀ࢗ⨀Ȼࢗ⨀⡆ࢗ⨀ᘀ〻ࢗ⨀⠻ࢗ⨀㈻ࢗ⨀䁆ࢗ
kinematic Synthesis;Suspension System;Approximate Synthesis;Selective Precision Synthesis;Kinematic Constraint Equation;
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